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Plasma Lift Therapy

“ Plasma Lift Therapy” This is the latest advance in eliminating loose skin, folds and wrinkles without the need of surgery, permanently and relatively painless! Areas that we can treat… Hooded Eyelids and under eyes Wrinkles around the eyes Foreheads and frown lines Smoker Lines and marionettes Cheeks and Nasal Labials Loose skin on the…

Guinot Hot Wax

Working at a slightly higher temperature, hot waxing makes shorter and more stubborn hair easier to remove.  It is a much more comfortable way of hair removal, as the heat encourages the pores and hair follicles to open.  This method of hair removal is also proven to reduce the likelihood of ingrowing hairs.

Semi-Permanent Eye lash Extensions

This treatment is ideal for those who want long, luxurious lashes on an ongoing basis, and to wake up with beautiful lashes everyday.

Express Treatments

Only got a few minutes to spare….no problem, try one of our Express Treatments for a quick rejuvenating burst!

Guinot Facials

Endowed with 40 years of experience in beauty care, Guinot has been able to observe that the effectiveness of a one-hour beauty treatment is incomparably more effective than merely applying cream or a serum.

It is thus, to the great benefit of women, that Guinot has entrusted its exclusive beauty care methods to beauty therapists, with treatments being administered within an exclusive network of beauty salons.

Artificial Tanning by VaNi-T

VANI-T the first 100% organic self tanning product, contains essential oils to moisturise, hydrate and firm the skin.


Eye treatments are a great way to enhance and compliment you natural features, and can really open up the eyes, whether it be an eyelash tint or just and eyebrow tidy.


Relax and rejuvenate here at ReNu beauty with one of our massage’s, excellent for soothing away stress and tension.

Using B line oils these treatments can be tailored to suit a range of needs from aches and pains to tiredness and headaches, bringing about a feeling of wellbeing. Your therapist will work on your key areas of concern and allow you to drift in to a deep state of relaxation.

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